My experiences working in the UCL enterprise society

I joined the UCL enterprise society in October 2011 with the desire to expand my network contacts from the scientific world, learn new skills and ultimately start-up my own business.

After 5 months of work, were my expectations fulfilled ?

The answer is definitely yes !

Joining a mature student lead society like UCL ES  is like joining your first startup.. Usually there is only 5 to 10 students in the committee, all with different academic backgrounds… And that´s when you learn the importance of a multidisciplinary team..

UCL enterprise society is great for that.  We got people studying  economics,  IT , marketing, finances, engineering, management, science among other disciplines and that made UCL ES such a strong team. This is something we definitely lack in the science world, specially in research where people usually have similar skills.

And above all the important is that the society is run only by students, which really gives you the power to apply all your skills and ideas.Obviously we have amazing advisors which the society opens the doors for you to add to your contact list (very useful in the future…), but at the end all the desicions are student made, and this freedom, which comes with the attached stressfull responsability and pressure, gives usually societies a taste of how the real world is in reality, specially for start ups and entrepreneurs.

My role is about sponsorship and research, where I have focused in getting funding for the society, as well as linking it with research. I have had the privilege also to organize plenty of events too, as well as promoting the society, meeting amazing people, sharing ideas to shape the vision of the society among many other tasks that have awaken and sharpened many skills I would have never developed in the lab.

This has culminated with me starting up two business,  leading to my future goal which is to fusion high tech research with the entrepreneurial world.

Now I am working in trying to develop and promote student lead entrepreneur societies in many Universities and Colleges in Mexico, following the example of NACUE.

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