Yesterday I woke up early full of motivation to go to work, and this kept me working extremely actively until the late evening.
It is amazing how motivation can make such a big difference in the way people perform, and this is an aspect tool you need to treat carefully when managing people.

I had a nice coffee with a very good old friend, and all our talk was about motivation, he had lost motivation in his job and wanted to quit, and he needed to find some motivation to finish things he had left behind. In my case I am a big advocate of self motivation, and I tried to tell him that should be his main key driver, but after I saw his disappointing face I realised I needed to try something else or I would just cause more harm than good in his hopes. So now that this person and I where in the same “tune”, we both found external motivational things to keep him going and I was glad to see him excited and ready to try and move on.

So the key is to understand people are motivated by very different things, and finding those things will be the key to drive people to action.
Now things get more complicated when you just don’t know what motivates you. What all believe to be rationally be aware of what motivates us, but again remember motivations are usually emotional, and I sometimes you find hard to wake up to go to work, or you just don’t feel like doing much, you feel you lost your energy and are tired all the afternoon, that is probably cause your are not focusing in what really motivates you. You may think I really want to get a good grade or perform well at work, but maybe deep inside you what you really need is getting a friend or girlfriend, try a new activity, buy something new, travel somewhere, who knows and only until you have fulfil that then the dumbness of your life will disappear. Yeah I know some people call it depression, which is totally related with motivation.

The beauty arise when you believe some of those motivations are wrong, including your own ones…You may find yourself into fire just by discussing them with the related person, cause motivations are emotional more than rationale and many times they will run in people veins deeper than religion. You may in many times find you have no right to judge or want to change those person’s motivations, but if you manage to induce a positive change in that level, a change motivated by love and gratitude, you may find you have the keys to change the whole world, or at least one person’s world, including yours.

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